The Nature of a Blockade

A very interesting piece that provides an insight into the nature of protest


(I have written a follow-up to critically examine the ableism and the lazy analysis I feel I slipped into this post. It can be found here. The text bellow remains unchanged to properly document the issues I should avoid in future.)

Earlier this week I participated in the blockade of Faslane Naval Base, the home of the Vanguard-class submarines and their Trident nuclear missiles. Numbers were not particularly high, especially given the fact that one of the only concrete action points to come out of the local Radical Independence Conference (RIC) was cross-platform agreement to support this action by the different flavours of the authoritarian left. It will be interesting to see if/how those involved in RIC look to offer practical solidarity and support to the Faslane Peace Camp, especially as I see them as cynically doing the least amount of work required to tap into…

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