Welcome to WWR

Welcome (and some pointers!)

World Without Rulers is devised to allow informed consideration to alternatives to the current “Big State” and “Big Corporate” models of politics and economics. Deliberately setting out to challenge the status quo, World Without Rulers (WWR) aims to provide a forum where those who advocate a minimal state (minarchists) or no state (anarchists) can exchange ideas and discuss issues of interest.

I do not advocate, condone or support violence as a means of achieving political objectives. On the other hand I also recognise that others see violence as a necessary evil. Indeed the state spends a substantial amount of money on the means of violence and coercion.  In a similar way, I would not (generally) advocate unlawful behaviour, but I am not so naive as to fail to recognise that complying with an unjust law is counter-productive.

I hope you will find this site becomes a place of lively debate, good natured and friendly. I expect people to be passionate but courteous. Most of all I expect all contributors to be responsible.



After studying Politics at university, I have been fascinated by the theory of a stateless society. I believe that the current structures of state power coupled with highly concentrated corporate power is not in the best interests of citizens. Seeking ways to reduce the size, scope and influence of the state and corporations is a vision and an ambition.


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