Where The Tall Trees Grow

One of the things that maddens me about a lot of political sites is that there is rather too much tribal shouting and not so much considered thinking. So Where The Tall Trees Grow (WTTTG) page is reserved for longer pieces, which will need to be well researched and well written. As a guide it is probable that 600 words would be the barest minimum for a WTTTG item, there is no upper limit although writers will need to recognise that readability will probably mean that 3000 words is a soft upper limit; longer pieces than that are welcome but would perhaps be broken down into smaller parts. Online comments will be disallowed although refutations, rebuttals and responses are encouraged; they will similarly need to be well researched and well written. As a guide, if they are less than 400 words long they are unlikely to be published.

Where The Tall Trees Grow is intended to provide a space for more nuanced explorations of politics and policies, so for many it will be like comparing single malt whiskies rather than comparing lager and vodka. At the same time the pieces should remain accessible to the general reader, so although the arguments may be fine grained, the idea is to illuminate the subject under discussion not demonstrate how much of a political anorak the writer is! The hope is that the debate is lively and intellectually stimulating: it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m sure that some will enjoy the challenge of good political writing and interesting political reading. Tweets and other social media drawing attention to the pieces will be used.

There are plenty of other opportunities for contributors on World Without Rulers who do not want to provide long articles and shorter form pieces and comments will remain a mainstay of the site. Finally, for now, if readers and writers wish to make suggestions about WTTTG or more generally about World Without Rulers send an email.


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